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Win a year’s worth of fame!

Published on April 19, 2012 by in QR Codes

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  1. Words don’t express enough how I feel about FREEQRCODETRACKER.COM.
    Ifound you guys on the no.1 serch engine, and have never looked back. Your service has helped me to get my foot in the door with clients very quickly by creating a QR Code for them, and the good thing is you guys provide a sterlin service in way of tutorials, tips and guides on how to get the best out of creating QR Codes and making them stand out. You guys are the best.

  2. I had been looking for an all-purpose solution for sharing my professional website via email. was the simplest solution around.

  3. QR codes are the modern way to connect with your prospects and customers, 24/7, and using TMB’s Free QR Code Tracker to create your QR code is child’s play; that’s why I told my blog readers about it!

  4. If only there was a website that not only generated but also tracked your QR code then … phew thank god there is!! I also love the weekly break down emails letting me know how well my code is going :)

  5. Being able to use different QR codes on our range of literature means that we can easily track which locations and campaigns are working best…for us that means that we can tell where young adults with cancer find out about our services and therefore we know how to reach more people.

    Overall: brilliant, easy to use software that will revolutionise the way we reach new patients!

  6. TMB’s Free QR Code Tracker was extremely quick and easy to use. Tracking progress through your own account is fantastic especially if you’ve got a few codes on the go!

  7. Peter Coe

    Since using we have been adding unique qrcodes to all of our adverts. Thanks to we can now monitor the live performance of each our of marketing campaigns and see which ones are working. This is going to save us a fortune!

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Basically I use the QR code as a quick and easy way for new clients to find my mobile website and therefore, be suitably impressed with what I can do for them.

    I have had new business cards printed that include the QR code as part of my contact details.

    I have found the QR tracking very interesting in that, obviously it shows me that people are using it and connecting with my site but it is also gives me an idea of who is connecting, as it shows me when and time etc. This gives me a very good idea of where to direct my marketing, or indeed, if I am wasting my time with certain sectors.

    It’s early days but all very exciting.

    Thank you very much and if TMB has anymore great ideas, let me know.

  9. Hats off to, for a fantastic service and informative site. We started using them for qr code generating recently and are very impressed with the service, especially the hand delivered promo gift and goodies for me, the personal touch is always great.

    If you are confused about qr codes and how they work, or would like inspiration on how to make yours more ‘unique’ then please check out their blog for ideas or general information on how qr codes can enhance your business and direct your followers and potential clients exactly where you want them to go.

  10. As an experienced marketer part of what I teach my clients is that advert tracking is an essential part of understanding the success of your marketing. These QR Codes provide a really simple and effective way of tracking where your new leads are coming from. The dashboard is set up in such a way that anyone can use it. I highly recommend using this service to any business.

    Something Borrowed

  11. We are currently trialling the codes over various social networks. The dashboard is great, easy to use and give us a clear idea of traffic. We are completely web based so traffic is important.We are also thinking of printing them on our vans.

    All in all a great tool with unlimited application.