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Hi, you just scanned our card

Published on March 1, 2012 by in QR Codes

Hi, so you are interested in QR codes? Great! Read on…

(This page is optimised for mobile viewing on a smartphone).

Your business could use QR codes to:

• go to your mobile website
• go to your Facebook page
• collect customer details
• send you an email
• play movies on YouTube
• and much, much more…

When this page loaded on your smartphone a few seconds ago, it added one tracking stat into a account. Every scan is tracked, producing live stats:

Did you know that you can change where the code clicks through to, even AFTER you have printed it on your marketing materials?

QR codes can revolutionise your business.

Your customers are out and about using their mobile phones. Let them scan your QR codes and buy more from you.

Start generating and downloading your own QR codes today at:

To see how other people are customising their QR codes, click here.

Louis Vuitton


Australian Training Company

To talk to someone at TMB about how you can take QR codes further, just call us on 01202 483244 or email us on

Start today. Your customers have got their mobile phones on them right now.

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