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Campaigns and Sources for Giulia’s stone-baked pizzas

Published on September 16, 2012 by in QR Codes

Giulia’s family runs the popular Italian restaurant ‘Al Gatto Nero’, in Poole in the UK, and they use QR Codes every day.



Giulia’s goal is to spread the word about their delicious stone-baked pizzas. She decides to use QR codes to get more Facebook likes and more enewsletter signups. Good move!

As there are several places she wants to use QR codes, Giulia decides to use the Campaigns and Sources to track which places give her the best results.

She has already registered for a free account at, so she logs in and starts by creating 2 campaigns:

  • Campaign #1 = “Facebook – get more likes”
  • Campaign #2 = “enewsletter – get more sign-ups

Giulia now creates 3 sources (each once is the WHERE her QR codes will be seen):

  • Source #1 = “restaurant
  • Source #2 = “takeaway pizza boxes
  • Source #3 = “newspaper

She now creates loads of QR codes, and assigns them to her campaigns and sources. Here are the first 2 codes she creates:

  • QR Code #1 = “Help us reach 500 Facebook likes leaflet” (Facebook, restaurant)
  • QR Code #2 = “Sign up to our enewsletter leaflet” (enewsletter, restaurant)

These first 2 QR codes are used on marketing materials in the restaurant. They drive traffic to the Al Gatto Nero Facebook page or their enewsletter sign-up widget:

Newsmailr Sign Up Widget

She keeps creating more QR codes, one for the takeaway pizza boxes, one for a business card, etc. Giulia gets a full list of free Restaurant Marketing with QR Codes ideas here.

Looking at her tracking reports one month later, Giulia can see that…

  1. Her source “restaurant” generates good activity, with 25 enewsletter signups and 15 Facebook likes. So QR codes work well in her restaurant. Great!
  2. However the source “newspaper” only got 15 enewsletter signups, so QR codes in that newspaper didn’t work quite as well. Boo!
  3. Her campaign “takeaway pizza boxes” is the star performer however. She got 54 enewsletter signups and 21 Facebook likes. It seems when one customer orders pizzas to share, then all their friends also scan the QR code on the box. Share a pizza and share a QR Code – clever! Giulia rocks!

Remember… if Giulia had only created one QR Code, one Campaign and one Source, and used it everywhere, she would have no idea which was the best. If you do what Giulia did and use the Campaigns and Sources feature in like a professional, you too will get professional results.

Back to those mouth-watering pizzas… I think I’ll go for a ‘Pizza Gatto Nero’, with extra rocket leaves and a glass of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo red. Mmmmm… hungry now!

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